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Fun Risa Facts!

I tend to use LJ for my fangirly flailing, so while I certainly love to talk about just about everything else under the sun, the majority of what I post will be related to my fandoms. I am a returning student back in college for more degrees so I tend to have two modes: hectic and exhausted. I sincerely apologize for going dormant during the school term but keeping a 4.0 along with real life is a challenge unto itself.

I'm a psychology/women's studies major. In a previous existence I earned my degree in Sociology and worked in research. It's really more fun than it sounds!

I babble talk too much

I love Johnny's. All of them. Old ones...少年隊...男闘呼組..光GENJI, Matchy. Ex-Johnny's like Go Hiromi & Taka. Okay...I don't like Jin, I had crossed Pi off my "Nice" list for a bit and I feel kind of like Aunty Perv supporting Hey Say JUMP and Sexy Zone...but yeah, I love all of Johnny's. If I could only take a few to a deserted island with me? Sato Atsuhiro, KinKi Kids, SMAP, Kisumai, A.B.C-Z and TOKIO. Tonisen too. I'm giving my best shot at getting to know the younger guys like Jesse and Taiga. Kin Kan, B.A.D., 7 West,JW4 Johnny's West, and the other Kansai Juniors too. I really love/loved Question? but Igo??? So...*shrug*. There are plenty of people around lj showing Arashi the big love and I'm a huge fan too, but I leave the worshiping to those much better at it than I.

I talk about Johnny's guys waaaay too much.

Koike Teppei is a bundle of adorability sent to bring a smile to the inhabitants of this planet.

After personality, hair is always my determining factor.

I love idols, I've been an idol fan my whole life. My first idols were Candies. Pink Lady were awesome. Johnny's changed my world and Onyanko Club were goddesses. That's pretty much all you need to know about me ~ I live for idols.

I think Wada Akiko kicks ass

Music is my motor so I talk about that too much too. I like music other than Johnny's, but yeah, I'm kind of idol-centric ~ Boom Boom Satellites, EXILE, WaT, Sakanaction, Kyary, TM Revolution, Gackt, Golden Bomber, HKT48, AKB48 (Takamina is a goddess), FLUMPOOL!!!!!, Sakamoto Miu, Yuzu, L'arc~en~Ciel/hyde/Vamps, Mr Children, Hikawa Kiyoshi, Makihara Noriyuki, Lovender, YMO and Sakamoto Ryuichi, JUJU, Sazan, B'z, LM.C, Breakerz, Sho Luo, Angela Zhang, Momoiro Clover Z...and many, many more.

I love rats! It needs saying. And gerbils...hamsters...mice...rabbits...ferrets...big and little furbabies alike.

Featheries too ~ we're home to a green-cheek conure, a sun conure, parakeets, a group of chickens, and some guinea fowl.

I'm now a Cavy Mama again ♥ Soooo cute ♥♥

Tokusatsu is oxygen for me. I've been a fan of Toku since Kamen Rider V3 (awww, my first crush #^_^#) and love Super Sentai too.

I like musica latina! Gustavo Cerati (QEPD), La Ley, Ricardo Arjona, Cristian Castro, Kinky, Julieta Venegas, Aleks Syntek, Miguel Bose, Benny Ibarra, Noelia, Pepe Aguilar, Ana Torroja, Ana Barbara...

Because I spend so much money on music and The Fandom..oh, and the whole “I'm a vegan who digs food that's made out of, errr, food” thing...I make most of my meals homemade. I sucked at chemistry but somehow manage to rock SCOBY, rejuvelac, fermented pickles, tibicos/water kefir and vegan cheeze.

I don't really like American tv or films so I'm clueless when anyone talks about them.

I do like Japanese and Taiwanese dramas and wuxia dramas. I like horror films. I watch telenovelas. And pretty, pretty Bollywood films.

In related news, I have a (not-so) secret crush on Big B #^_^#

I'm Asian and Spanish. I whine about being both equally, especially my hair. But I am also thankful for both equally.

My Japanese sucks ~ something which my grandmother never fails to remind me.

I believe in living a life dedicated to peace.

My kids are grown and I'm a strong believer in attachment parenting - peaceful parenting - and life-led learning (unschooling) because I like what happened when I did those things. Add lactivist and intactivist and there ya go.

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