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Running on empty

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Jun. 26th, 2016 | 12:01 pm

Working and full-time studenting + parenting is like a special kind of hell. But all in all, a kind of rewarding hell :) I finished one degree in December and a second in May - now it's moving on to the next level. I've already enrolled at the school and I think I'm going to like it plus a lot of my classmates from my current school are also moving on there. We will be in different degree programmes - only about three of my classmates will be in the same programme I'm taking - but we will stay in touch.

I thought I was going to take summer off studies but found I was only three classes or so from a 2-year degree in philosophy so I'm going for that. I took my other philosophy classes for support in my other degrees and I'm on my third now. I am also taking a Humanities course during the summer and forgot how much fun all of that is! But yeah, it's a lot of work too. I am hoping that all of the reading and writing will help keep me sharp for fall semester. I am doing a minor in gender studies since I got my second degree in women's studies and I am excited about the department at my school. The lead professor is really dynamic and I think I can learn a lot from her.

All of this has left less time for my fandoms as I hoped :( SMAP and Kisumai are my two primaries that I am keeping up with the best and I admit I was so heartbroken and frustrated with everything that happened with KAT-TUN. I'm just...so much love for those guys to keep moving forward. I'm still throwing money at everything West, A.B.C - Z, V6, TOKIO, KinKi Kids (and their individual projects), and SZ release. I've slacked a bit on the Eito, News, Jump, Arashi, and who else am I missing? trains. I love, love, LOVE SixTONES and Snowman - both are just perfection. (well, for me SixTONES would be perfectly perfect if Jesse could be replaced by Ken-chan or Jinguji but that's a small issue :)

Sasshi is the only thing keeping me at all interested in 48G anymore. There is such a lackluster feeling from everyone, I don't know if they're burned out, perpetually sick, bored, or what but a lot of the sparkle is gone. HKT are still my favourite in the family but I'm trying to accept that I'm one of "those" who tried hard to find new faves when "my" faves graduate but I'm having a really hard time getting behind anyone else and the girls that are currently being pushed just annoy me >.<

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