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Nov. 25th, 2015 | 08:21 pm

I feel like I'm all over the place these days, some good things, some not good things, all of it change and challenges for me to face.
The good -- new job which I love (the bad -- the pay >.<) but if it works into a fulltime position the benefits will be amazing even if the pay will still be lacking. I was asked for a 2-year commitment when I was offered the job and I was also told it could turn into  fulltime position (right now it's only 20 hrs/wk). I don't mind the parttime since I'm still carrying a full courseload but juggling both is pretty exhausting.
The good -- almost done with this part of my coursework! (the bad -- I just found what I want my 3rd master's degree in).
The good -- The Husband Person just moved out last week. I am happy, sad, confused, heartbroken, and excited. I have slept better than I have in years and the animals are much calmer. (the bad -- emotional chaos, turmoil, and grief).

I have started writing again which totally amazes me. One of my coworkers is published and very active in local writing circles but has been on an indefinite writing hiatus. She currently teaches writing at the college and made my return to writing one of her projects. The day THP packed his stuff and left I had characters insisting that I write their story, we'll see how it goes since I am not balancing the time I have as well as I would like and I'm going to do 2 honors projects next semester to graduate With Honors but it would be nice to write again.

Fandom  -- In my efforts to be a Responsible Adult I have cut back a little on my fandom spending and am just sticking to SMAP, KinKi Kids, Kisumai, A.B.C-Z, and SZ for my daughter. I shocked myself by not buying the latest HKT single nor have I ordered Takamina's graduation single. I have picked up TOKIO recent release and will spend whenever V6 releases something.

I had been feeling ambivalent about News and KAT-TUN lately which bothers me. I haven't been overly thrilled with News' recent releases but their personalities are really blossoming and I think they will be fine following the V6 pattern of finding their unique spaces in entertainment. Of course I was shocked to hear about Junno leaving KAT-TUN and from the statements the guys have released I can't help but think Junno feels the guys have been getting the shaft as well and maybe even has had it with Julie's management style. No hiding my bias, I prefer Michi and the groups in her care, but I do think this is more than Junno wants to get married or Komine is pregnant.

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