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Aug. 1st, 2015 | 08:03 pm

Life has been very interesting lately, but busy. I have been in training in my new job - which I LOVE - it is working in my field of psychology so it's incredibly challenging. Hopefully I'll get a paycheck soon ^^ It just takes a whole month to get it so it'll come when it comes. I juggled working with summer classes and that was fun but not horrible and I got As in my summer courses WHEW!
I will be taking a full courseload when semester begins next week as well as joining a leadership program in my school. Intensive but exciting. Lots of positive, forward movement.

Not as much of a chance to keep up with my favorites although I've been keeping up with ordering my fave groups. I've been keeping up with SMAP, Kisumai, Ebi, KinKi Kids, TOKIO, V6, SZ, and SixTONES the most but still keeping an eye on KAT-TUN, News, Jump, Yuma, and everyone else. I did spring for the voting single and put two votes each to Sasshi (you go girl!) and Sae. Kisumai and SMAP have been lifesavers in recent days and I've also been listening to a lot of Masha and Moriyama Naotaro. His latest album was just amazing!

I finished all of Partners By Blood and absolutely LOVED it! It was cheezy in some areas, and a little repetive, but overall the story and characters were very good. I'm currently watching Fall in Love with Me (Taiwanese) with Aaron who never was my favourite Fahrenheit but has given Jiro a run for his money lately. I've also been checking out Tiger Mom, and because we get TVB subtitled I'm now a rabid Roger Kwok and Moses Chan fan <3 To Get Unstuck in Time ends Monday and I've thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm glad they recently started Dead Men Cast No Shadows with Raymond Lam because it has immediately grabbed my interest. That, along with Relic of an Emissary will keep me from missing To Get Unstuck in Time too much when it ends.

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