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May. 18th, 2014 | 01:41 pm
mood: exhausted exhausted
music: SMAP ~ Yes We Are

Instead of dancing around like a fool now that semester is over, I've basically fallen on my face in the mash potatoes. I'm trashed...exhausted...out of energy. I'm completely loving school, this semester was a real challenge and I'm psyched that I kept my 4.0 GPA \(^_^)/ yay me. My Women's History professor approached me about further work in Women's Studies which was such an amazing honor and I told her that this is something I have seriously considered alongside my Psychology degree. She said that WS needs people who are passionate about the subject and that's something I definitely have XD My end goal is to uplift women and encourage positivity and resilience, especially in the aftermath of less-than-ideal life events. I can see Women's Studies giving me a greater understanding and depth. I even shocked myself with the papers I was coming up with for class, what I was digging out from within myself and how wonderful and empowering so much self-reflection was. So...more to think about. But I'm exhausted. Lots of stress, drama and just bad/sad/miserable things happening at home too. Weird things too...my son's aged dog lost her battle with illness which really disturbed my two dogs (her siblings, they were all rescued together). That was Thursday...on Sunday, Big Brother dog seemed under the weather, by that afternoon he had passed as well. Later that evening I looked over at his sister, thinking she was wallowing on the floor...it was a seizure and we lost her that night. So yeah, really draining, that.

I'm watching all those concerts and shows I've been putting off all semester. I finally watched Disc 1 of Kisumai's Snowdome tour, but am saving the other for later. I still have AKB48 Kouhaku, Yukirin's solo con, the big NewS concert, SZ and the SMAP re-releases on BD are on their way.

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