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2013 pt 2 - Fandoms (pt1)

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Dec. 31st, 2013 | 03:41 pm
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music: TOKIO ~ Ambitious Japan

I gave myself some challenges this year, mostly in order to give other groups a chance. Idols still dominate my music collection but I didn't forget to show Sakanaction, flumpool, Daigo and Becky (and a few more) my appreciation either.
Some challenges:

Give SKE, NMB & HKT a chance. I still am not crazy about SKE and I don't see NMB ever winning me over. I can appreciate Sayanee for what she's accomplished but I really don't like her personality. Miyuki and Nana are okay but overall NMB just isn't my style. SKE's latest single was catchy and cute but they still haven't won me over. HKT was the definite winner this year for me. Melon Juice still rattles around in my brain. True, I was already a Sasshi fan and that probably helped things along. But I'm satisfied I did meet my challenge and gave all three a shot.

Work on my Eito fandom. I honestly don't mind Kansai groups, it's just the vulgarity and pushiness that sometimes accompanies them that bothers me. I've had a tenuous relationship with Eito for a while. Usually, just when I'm getting won over by them, they'll do something that makes me roll my eyes and turn away. I love quite a few of their releases and had just gotten past their swinging snot of youth (and oh, the rest of the lyrics won my heart, guys!) when Takoyaki in My Heart came along. Sometimes I can't get over grown men behaving like little kids or raunchy teens. Even grown men I like in other circumstances. I'll keep working at it because I've seen them really grow as personalities over the years and appreciate how talented they are overall. Guys, it's me, it really is, and that's okay.

Get past Sexy Zone's name. After Mari-chan's awkwardness, the main thing I've disliked about Sexy Zone is their horrible name. They're cute kids, they started out pretty well (considering their age) and I actually like most of their songs. It's just that damn name. Putting it aside, I watched a lot of Shokura, Johnny's Thanksgiving and also got into it when my daughter and nieces were fangirling. And they won me over. Shori's working on his acting (a big difference between 49 and Hungry, good going!), Kenty is the rising prince (and am I the only one who notices just how much he resembles Sato Atsuhiro???), Fuma is finding his place and MariSo...they're getting a little more face time too (and Marius is a LOT less awkward and his Japanese is coming along).

Become as stark-raving crazy about TOKIO as they are in general. I've always loved those adorable dorks but never really got into their music, dramas or shows. I'd watched the odd episode of Tetsuwan DASH and loved their fun personalities, but that was about this. This year I challenged myself to give TOKIO more than a peek. And I fell completely in love with them. I have so much admiration and respect for those five guys, for what they challenge themselves to and for basically being incredible. I've been able to enjoy Nagase for dramas other than My Boss My Hero, Taichi as something other than a foil to Tsu in Fantastipo and I've melted into a puddle over Joshima Leader's ikemen spirit. And yeah, Gussan and Mabo exist, yay. I've stressed out and laughed myself silly over DASH island. Yeah, TOKIO are fantastic, talented, big-hearted and determined. I'm stark-raving crazy about them and head over heels in love with those wacky dorks.

Not care about some fandoms' reactions to honesty. You've been there, I've been there. Some fandoms think the sun shines out of their bias's or group's butt. Well, it doesn't. A good group/artist needs constructive criticism to grow and fans also need to be objective about the weaknesses and strengths of their biases. It annoys the hell out of me when someone watches 00's drama/movie/SP and spews about how great he is when he can barely act and the only reason he got the role is the power of his agency. It's one thing to be really happy to see your bias in a role but flaming a person just because s/he doesn't see it the same way is childish and petty. All part of the fandom, but annoying all the same. Trust me, I understand the excitement of seeing someone you think is awesome in a role or on tv but I also understand the awkwardness of knowing s/he doesn't quite cut it. It doesn't mean that our person is great because he starts at the top, good actors/singers/dancers/whatevers often start at the bottom and really work at it. If anyone has any doubts about this, I'll refer them to A.B.C-Z.

Overall, I'm happy with where I am in my fandoms. I buy the items to support the groups and artists I appreciate, even if I do choose the cheap shipping option! I guess now I'll have to think about my goals for 2014...

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