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CDJapan is ♥

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Dec. 26th, 2013 | 10:27 pm
mood: happy happy
music: Domoto Tsuyoshi ~ eni groovin'

I just got the sweetest e-mail from customer service at CDJapan. I tried to pre-order Tsuyoshi's Shamanippon - Roinochinoi (the bundle set because I'm all about the t-shirt) and for some reason my bank flagged the order. The first thing I love about CDJapan is that they hold your order while they try to run the card again; they hold it for at least a week. The minute you make your order, they count that item as yours - that is NOT the same experience I've had with Yes Asia (ugh). Since I live in the States, I couldn't contact my bank yesterday but I called them first thing this morning and they cleared the flag so I was good to go. I e-mailed CDJapan customer service telling them what had happened and that the bank had now fixed the error. I received a very kind reply from customer service stating that everything was GO and that Tsuyo would be flying to me on the release date. I wrote back to thank them and to let them know that they definitely have a loyal customer in me (which they should already know considering how I drop at least a thousand a year in their direction - eeek!) The best part is the reply I received - the customer service rep was also a Tsuyo fan ♥ and said she was happy he was appreciated outside of Japan as well.

So anyway, I definitely recommend CDJapan for your Japanese music, video, book and anime needs. I have bought CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray, clothes, anime collectibles, manga, books, magazines, calendars, films and who knows what else through them and they have never let me down. I love their points system and they do add up quickly (I bought the Kusabi bundle on points alone, I've also bought concerts with points) and the shipping isn't too bad. I guess I should start sharing all the goodies I've bought and show off my collections.

Anyhooo, I'm a happy, happy nezumi right now. 

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